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Our friendly team will organise a free in-depth survey at a convenient time for you with absolutely no pressure to buy. We have a dedicated support team who will make the whole process as seamless as possible. We want to ensure that this becomes an enjoyable experience.

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About Summit Stairlifts

Having worked for many years within the lift industry, in fact some 35 years working for many major companies on all types of developments, from Retail, Schools through to major Airports etc. During this time we built a wealth of knowledge and experience.

However the reason we started Summit Stairlifts was much more from a personnel experience with my own parents. They have lived in the same property for the last 60 years, with absolutely no intention of ever moving…. So when the time arose to help them with mobility and to help them stay in the home they love, they of course turned to their son (who knew about lifts)

We set about arranging for quotations and surveys from a number of companies and contacts. To say we were disappointed was an understatement.. here was our opportunity, we were convinced that better customer service was needed, to ensure that the whole process from initial enquiry through to order, manufacture, installation and ongoing service is seamless and stress free. Customer satisfaction is paramount.

So Summit Stairlifts was born …

We looked at a host of different suppliers and products from all aspects of design, strength, reliability, point of manufacture and availability of spare parts. We eventually met and signed with a manufacturer based in Yorkshire, yes British Built !! This was very important to us. We have the ability of obtaining parts quickly and easily, to the point if we need something extra urgently we just go and collect it. This is not something we could do for an alternative product manufacturerd in the far east.

We are fully focused on providing our customers with superior customer satisfaction, we will keep in close contact with each of you, ensuring you are fully informed all the way through this journey. We are available at any time to talk through the decision process and when you order from us we will ensure that you are completely satisfied.

Lets keep you mobile within your own home and make this process as comfortable as possible, we are a family business born from challenges we experienced so that you don’t have to.

We look forward to talking with you……..