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Platinum Curve

The Platinum Curve does exactly what is says, the stairlift will be designed and installed to curve around your stair case, whether your stairs have half landings or fan type stairs. We will design the lift to suit your individual needs.

For safe ease of use the seat is designed to swivel to aid both accessing and exiting the chair, the swivel can be either lever operated of powered assisted, along with options for a powered foot rest.

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We understand that each stair case is individual and requires specific items to suit your needs, whether it be a drop nose start to reduce the space requirement needed at the base of the lift, or a run on at the top landing to provide a safe and level area for exiting.

Ease of use, comfort and reliability are paramount to provide you with the confidence when using a Summit Stairlift installation.

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Horizon Plus

The Horizon Plus range of stairlifts are specifically designed to suit straight stair risers. The compact design, ensures that the maximum clearance is maintained for other stair users. The Horizon Plus uses the Ergo or Ergo Plus seat design options providing you with options to ensure that space and comfort is maximised.

As home owners ourselves we understand the need to minimise the impact that any stairlift will have on your home, it is essential that you can continue to use all of your home as you wish to.

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In instances where existing doorways or walkways impact on the positioning of your stairlift, we can often show you ways in which we can still provide you with an acceptable solution, for example powered hinges, alternative parking positions etc. we would be delighted to discuss your individual requirements.

Door in the way - No Problem

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Horizon Standard

As an alternative to the Horizon Plus stairlift, Summit Stairlifts are able to offer a cost effective alternative solution for a straight stair cases, the Horizon Standard is exactly what it says, incorporating the conventional straight stair lift with a standard beige upholstery and lever operated seat swivel.

This unit offers a genuine cost effective solution for your new stair lift.

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Eco Curve Approved Used

As part of our commitment to reuse and refurbish existing products, Summit Stairlifts offer a range of approved used curved stairlifts which undergo a comprehensive refurbishment programme and are fully tested to ensure reliability and years of continued use.

This product provides all the advantages of a curved stairlift whilst offering a considerable saving over a new product.

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Being installed by Summit Stairlifts you continue to receive the very best of service and the confidence that your stairlift will be supported 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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Platinum Curve - Product Specification


Our product uses a two rail system giving strength and rigidity to ensure a smooth ride quality, manufactured from tubular steel, chemically treated and powder coated for quality and robustness of finish.

These rails are provided as standard in a cream finish, if however, you wish to have a specific colour finish this can be provided as an extra to blend with your existing decoration.


Comfort and strength is important and not any one seat will suit everybody, we have several seat options each of which is fully adjustable to suit the individual user. Whether it be reduced back rest heights through to differing seat pad designs.


With four standard colour options available as standard, most tastes are catered for, however if you have any specific requirements we are more than happy to look at accommodating your specific requirements.


Designed for ease of use, the stairlift controls can be positioned on either the left or right hand arm rest, in addition two remote controls are provided so you will never be in a position of not being able to access the lift.


Either powered or manually operated to suit individual needs the footrest can also be adjusted in height and horizontal position to suit most any staircase configuration and comfort position for the user.


The Stairlift fixings are generally fitted directly to the stair treads, in some specific circumstances additional wall fixings are required, this will be identified at the time a site specific survey is carried out.

Power Supply:

With each installation, there is a requirement for a 13amp power socket to be positioned at either the top or bottom of the staircase adjacent to the stairlift location. This is required to be installed and tested by a qualified Electrician prior to the stair lift being installed.