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Horizon Plus

The Horizon Plus range of stairlifts are specifically designed to suit straight stair risers. The compact design, ensures that the maximum clearance is maintained for other stair users. The Horizon Plus uses the Ergo or Ergo Plus seat design options providing you with options to ensure that space and comfort is maximised.

As home owners ourselves we understand the need to minimise the impact that any stairlift will have on your home, it is essential that you can continue to use all of your home as you wish to.

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In instances where existing doorways or walkways impact on the positioning of your stairlift, we can often show you ways in which we can still provide you with an acceptable solution, for example powered hinges, alternative parking positions etc. we would be delighted to discuss your individual requirements.

Door in the way - No Problem

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Horizon Plus Info

Horizon Plus

  • Horizon Ergo Plus Twin Lever

    Horizon Ergo Plus Twin Lever

    Space saving Ergo Plus seat
  • Horizon Ergo/Ergo Plus

    Horizon Ergo/Ergo Plus

    Ergo & Ergo Plus, split photo to show the difference.
  • Horizon Ergo Plus Twin Lever Grey

    Horizon Ergo Plus Twin Lever Grey

  • Horizon Ergo Twin Lever Red

    Horizon Ergo Twin Lever Red

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