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Horizon Standard - Product Specification

Straight Stair Lift


Operating on a single Aluminium extruded rail, specifically designed and manufactured for this product. It is precision machined to give a smooth ride quality.


The main seat carriage is available in two options, standard and Heavy Duty, the first operating to a capacity of 140 kg with HD option in certain circumstances.




Designed for ease of use, the stairlift controls can be positioned on either the left or right-hand arm rest.


Manually operated to suit individual needs the footrest can also be adjusted in height and horizontal position to suit most any staircase configuration and comfort position for the user.


The stairlift is designed to fix directly to the stair treads, with support brackets spaced evenly for aesthetics and stability.

Power Supply:

With each installation, there is a requirement for a 13amp power socket to be positioned at either the top or bottom of the staircase adjacent to the stairlift location. This is required to be installed and tested by a qualified Electrician prior to the stair lift being installed.

Powered Hinge:

As an option the straight stairlift rail can be provided with a powered hinge to enable the rail to raised when not in use. For applications where access is restricted.

Horizon Standard

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