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Platinum Curve

The Platinum Curve does exactly what is says, the stairlift will be designed and installed to curve around your stair case, whether your stairs have half landings or fan type stairs. We will design the lift to suit your individual needs.

For safe ease of use the seat is designed to swivel to aid both accessing and exiting the chair, the swivel can be either lever operated of powered assisted, along with options for a powered foot rest.

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We understand that each stair case is individual and requires specific items to suit your needs, whether it be a drop nose start to reduce the space requirement needed at the base of the lift, or a run on at the top landing to provide a safe and level area for exiting.

Ease of use, comfort and reliability are paramount to provide you with the confidence when using a Summit Stairlift installation.

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Platinum Curve Info

Platinum Curve

  • Platinum Curve Standard Red

    Platinum Curve Standard Red

  • Platinum Curve Plus Red

    Platinum Curve Plus Red

    Note cut away seat for space saving and comfort.
  • Platinum Curve Plus Grey

    Platinum Curve Plus Grey

    Ergonomically designed with safety in mind.
  • Platinum Curve Plus Beige

    Platinum Curve Plus Beige

  • Platinum Curve Plus Blue

    Platinum Curve Plus Blue

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